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De-Bugging of telephones and premises in case of planted bugs.

We offer debugging service for our clients and our private investigators provide electronic bug sweeps, home bug sweep, anti-wiretapping and debugging services for businesses and homes of clients. We have TSCM expects who can eliminate electronic eavesdropping which could be more than just an intrusion and could lead to major issues. We could detect and eliminate all traces of such instances not only inside houses and offices but also in the vehicles. We have expertise to look for and discover covert hidden cameras that are there without your knowledge, microphone, GPS vehicle trackers and surveillance devices all of which are tactics used by agencies to keep a track on you, steal valuable information or get data that is confidential and can be used against you. In fact, our expertise in this area will help you understand the way bug sweep services work. We can show how to detect bugs and conduct home bug sweeps for the benefits of our clients.

We have detectives who are experts are conducting such operations and can provide help in detecting hidden cameras, detecting wiretaps, detecting spy cameras, surveillance cameras and all other forms of devices. In fact one of the major benefits of hiring our private investigators is to help out in countering surveillance measures and offering de-bugging services. These debugging services will prove as quite valuable given their importance and significance of today’s world where data and information are so important and confidentiality has really been compromised by technology. Our experience can ensure you stay on top of the game.