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Undercover Agent

By planting our investigator in the client's company, in various designations, to find the root of all anti-management activities, pilferages and thefts.

We at Raksha Detective Services understand that there are some investigations that one needs to do secretly and for this we have some well trained undercover agents. Our undercover agents use assumed identity or disguise their identity so that they are able to get the trust of the organization or the individual they have to get information about. This helps them to get the information and evidences that are needed to solve the case that we are handling. The undercover agents are well trained and are experts in their field of work and they work in the best way to get the needed evidence for our clients and these are of great help to solve the case that we are handling.

We ensure that the undercover agents in the team have immense experience so that they are in a position to handle the case in the best possible way. These people assume their identities easily that they are needed to, to get the needed information from the concerned people and get all the evidences easily. It can be noticed that many times the living a life can be a problem for the individuals, but our undercover agents are experts and they can switch roles easily which helps them to deliver the best and ensure that they carry out the responsibilities given to them efficiently. Our agents can work at all hours so that they can get all the evidences that will help us solve the case and bring about the truth and the facts that are related to the case.